Supplying print ready artwork

How to supply print ready artwork:

CMYK printing

Make sure all of your images are CMYK

Full colour jobs are printed using 4 inks. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black are combined to create all colours. Saving your files as RGB can cause unexpected results when printing.

Upload and print

Use cut marks to indicate the final size

Putting cut marks on your jobs indicates the exact size of the final job. It also gives you another chance to check your bleed extends out at least 3mm beyond the cut marks.

Supply your artwork to Popi

Ensure all edges have 3mm bleed

Any images or colours touching the edge of the page should bleed over 3mm to avoid white edges on your final job.

how to supply my artwork to printer

Outline all text

To ensure the text is all printed as expected it’s best practice to outline all fonts. This turns the text into vector paths which guarantees your fonts will look great.

Image looks pixellated

Make sure your images are high resolution

High resolution images look sharp and clear, anything less than 300dpi can start to be pixellated on brochures and other smaller items. For large format printing 150dpi+ will print clearly.

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We’ll check it over before printing

When you supply your artwork we will check it’s print ready and send you a PDF proof to make sure everything is perfect when we print.

Send your artwork to us

If your files are too big to e-mail over, click here to send us any file up to 5GB in size.

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