New larger photography studio

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Custom backdrops

We also offer a customised backdrop service in which you can take advantage of our in-house print facilities and print an image out to put behind your products or staff shots. This can add some variation and interest to your photos.

Retouching / Photoshop

Our creative team have great experience in photo retouching, we are able to remove blemishes even at the smallest visible detail. We are able to completely transform the style of an image to match an existing range of photos or even create a fresh style of choice.

Product shots

Pin sharp product shots with our perfect lighting setups and high quality equipment. Our in-house studio means we can produce specific types of lighting to match any environment you require for your pack shots.

Staff photos

Our camera and light setup is ideal for portrait photography. We will come to your place of work and take photographs of your staff members which will be consistent for a professional look.

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