Brand Consistency

Consistency is key. That’s true for a lot of things, especially your branding.

Brand consistency builds trust, your customers become comfortable with your brand. They know what to expect from you and your reputation is built.

If your brand consistency standards slip, customers begin to feel unsure about the brand they are working with, it can damage this reputation and put doubt in their minds.
It’s easy to focus on day-to-day marketing activities but by doing this brand consistency standards can slip.

We like to look at brands as a whole, and create creative methods ensuring your future day-to-day marketing activities are all on-brand.

Brand consistency is more than just putting your logo at the top of the page. It’s made up of the colours you use, the fonts, the images, the size and positioning of every element, the tone of voice the text is written in, the speed of animation in your video and more.

Would you like us to help you with your brand consistency?

We like to take a ‘birds eye view’ approach to make sure the range of marketing materials looks as good as each piece individually. We lay out the whole range to make sure everything fits together perfectly.

If you would like us to take a look at your current marketing materials, to ensure they are consistent and hard working, we our currently offering a FREE marketing material review. Once you upload your current marketing materials to us we will offer advice on how it could be improved. Click the button below for more information.

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